Renovations start in earnest at No.40

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

The stripping (of walls) and swinging (of hammers) commences - oh my poor bank balance !!!

Once the space was stripped, the recently added partitions removed and the old connecting door found, I then had to plan the new layout before we could start first fix.

First thing to move was the customer service desk, it took 4 of us to lift it to its new location beside the entrance door. Then was the mammoth task of removing miles of trunking and rerouting the cables behind the false ceilings. Then to plan the CCTV based on the new shop layout, adding security systems and planning network terminals...all very dull but equally important.

Then on to the fun bit of creating the relaxing space that is Nemetona - colours, shelving, ambience!!!!!

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