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If you would like to make use of our premises for the delivery of a treatment, reading, workshop or talk please contact us, or drop in, to discuss how affordable and flexible our room hire can be. We can also offer a host of additional facilities to support your business such as marketing, appointment booking and card payment processing.

COURSE TITLE - Reiki Level Two Attunement Course

FACILITATOR - Katrina Clark

CERTIFICATON - Reiki Level Two Certificate

DURATION - 12 Hours (over 2 days)

START / END TIME - 10am / 4pm

COST - £185 for the two day course (installments*)

DATE(S) - Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th September 2019




The level two class, also known at Second Degree Reiki, brings in the Reiki energy at a higher vibration (four times stronger than Reiki I).


It is a professional qualification, allowing practitioners to work on a professional basis (upon completion of case studies). It is also for those who want to use Reiki at a higher vibration. Reiki II class enhances skills from Reiki I, introduces you to the sacred Reiki symbols and is the heart of the Usui Reiki healing system.


An attunement to Reiki II is given in the same way as in Reiki I. More time is allowed as the Reiki Master brings in the symbols to the hands and aura of the student. The symbols are energy patterns, and when used with the desired intention, and within the flow of Reiki, they bring deep healing on the mental, emotional and physical levels.


Most of the time is given to learning and using the symbols, they can be used for distant healing and in a variety of ways during a treatment. Other Japanese Reiki techniques are

included to deepen the students understanding.


Time is also given to the practical aspects, how to use client register forms, gain insurance, and to discuss the case studies needed for the qualification.


This workshop brings in the Reiki energy at a higher vibration and is a professional qualification or for those who wish to use Reiki at a higher vibrational level using the Reiki Symbols. It’s also to enhance skills from Reiki I and work with sacred symbols.




This course includes:

  • A comprehensive manual (which also includes all Reiki I information and extensive knowledge on all symbols), including all hand positions for treatments

  • A Second Degree Reiki Certificate

  • On-going support via Reiki share group

  • Copies of all Reiki II symbols

  • Examples of client treatment forms

  • Information about insurance and registration with appropriate organisations

  • Copy of Reiki lineage

  • On-going Facebook group for discussion & to meet with others

  • A follow up session with Kat to consolidate your learning


You will be asked to provide 6 case studies and upon completion you will receive your

Reiki Certificate.


This course is accredited with the I.P.T.I (Independent Professional Therapists International


Things to bring.


  • A notebook & pen

  • A light lunch and bottled water


Tea and coffee facilities are available and a fridge to store your lunch/water




Course Cost is £185

Non-refundable Deposit is £85


Workshop fees can also be paid in installments by arrangement; please contact me for more details on either options if need be.


You can use PayPal to pay the full balance and deposit using email:

[email protected]


Alternatively, you can also pay me directly via bank transfer or cheque, please contact

me for more details.



A £20 discount is available for all workshops when you pay in full, more than 3 weeks

in advance of the workshop date.


*Failure to make payments by the due date may put your place at risk, as we my offer it to another student.


Booking on to an event is your acceptance of our terms & conditions


*In the unlikely event that the event organisers need to cancel, e.g. we do not have sufficient numbers to run the event, a full refund will be given.

Reiki Attunment



Payments can be made securely online using the above options, please ensure you provide a contact number & email address with your online payment.


Alternatively you can make payment in store using

cash or card.



Hello my name is Katrina, I am a master/teacher of Usui Reiki, a Karuna Reiki Master registered with ICRT (International Centre for Reiki Training). I am also a member of the Reiki Association.


When you move into your soul and discover your authentic self, you claim your power. There is magic in discovering your own needs.

What is true for me


I believe our natural state of being is in loving kindness. This is at the centre of the Universal Life Force-understood as Reiki.


I believe we all possess the capacity to heal ourselves and others; when we connect to our compassionate heart. This is compassion in action.


I believe in love – always. It saved my life.


When we listen to our body, all its aches and pains, it communicates to us. It carries its own language. When we respond we heal at every level.


I know I don’t have all the answers – and I think that is the most beautiful thing


PAY Deposit - £85.00 PAY Total - £185.00