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If you would like to make use of our premises for the delivery of a treatment, reading, workshop or talk please contact us, or drop in, to discuss how affordable and flexible our room hire can be. We can also offer a host of additional facilities to support your business such as marketing, appointment booking and card payment processing.

COURSE TITLE - Accredited First Degree Reiki Attunement Course

FACILITATOR - Debbie Bolton

CERTIFICATON - Reiki Level One Certificate

DURATION - 12 Hours (over 2 days)

START / END TIME - 10am / 4pm

COST - £130 for the two day course (installments*)

DATE(S) - Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th September 2020




To begin a journey with Reiki is to begin a new journey with yourself.


Reiki is an ancient holistic technique which promotes relaxation and harmony yet balancing the mind, body and spirit. The Universal Life Force Energy is channelled through the practitioner's hands to the main Chakras in the body to balance and restore the energy.


Reiki is a simple, non-evasive technique that works by going to the cause of the problem.


Reiki is not a religion, but, it does become a way of life. There are 5 main principles in which to strive to live your life by and you will find, in time, that Reiki becomes a part of everything you do. It teaches you to look at life in a much more peaceful way and to see the bigger picture in every situation.


This is a 2 day, full weekend course between 10am – 4pm.

Energy Exchange is £130.




In this course, you will learn:

  • What is Reiki?

  • History of Reiki

  • The Five Reiki Principles

  • Reiki Levels

  • Grounding, Protection and Assistance

  • Energy and Chakras

  • Self Treatments and Hand Positions

  • Treating Others and Hand Positions

  • Step by Step Treatment Guidelines

  • Issues with the Body

  • Other Uses for Reiki


As well as learning, there will be many times of hands on practice throughout the weekend.


Upon completion of the course you will be able to use Reiki for your own self healing, and your own personal and spiritual development. You can give Reiki to friends, family, pets, babies and to the womb of unborn babies.


Reiki is a wonderful tool for manifesting your goals and increasing your confidence. An attunement to Reiki at this level allows you to use it to connect more deeply with your inner strength. There are a variety of ways to use this energy in your daily life. Reiki is the most wonderful healing tool for dealing with stress, anxiety and to create deep healing on all levels.


This course is accredited by Reiki Healing Association.


Things to bring.


  • A notebook & pen

  • A light lunch and bottled water


Tea and coffee facilities are available and a fridge to store your lunch/water




  • Reiki Manual (including all hand positions)

  • The 1st degree Certificate

  • Continuous Support & Development




We require a non-refundable payment of £50.


Then further affordable installments over the coming months, balance must be paid in full no later than two weeks prior to the course commencing.


*Failure to make payments by the due date may put your place at risk, as we my offer it to another student.


Booking on to an event is your acceptance of our terms & conditions


*In the unlikely event that the event organisers need to cancel, e.g. we do not have sufficient numbers to run the event, a full refund will be given.




Payments can be made securely online using the above options, please ensure you provide a contact number & email address with your online payment.


Alternatively you can make payment in store using

cash or card.



Debbie started off her journey as a Reiki Practitioner and quickly moved onto studying Angel Tarot Cards in person with Doreen Virtue & Radleigh Valentine to an advanced level. As time has gone on by, she has studied to become an Advanced Reiki Master/Teacher, Crystal Master/Teacher. Phytotherapist, Angel Intuitive Therapist as well as offering many different psychic services.


Having spent most of her working life in Northamptonshire, England, she moved (with her husband) back to Scotland at the start of 2015. At this point, she was shocked at the lack of MBS fairs and festivals around the country and this is where the idea of organising these types of events under the name of Love & Above Health & Wellbeing events.


Debbie has also co-authored 5 books throughout 2018 & 2019 and all of them became Number 1 Best Sellers on Amazon - "Success is Yours", "Everyday Joy", "A gift of Gratitude", "What We Love" and "Pawsome Friends".  She has also had a submission accepted for David Hamilton's revised book on "How the Mind can heal the body" which was relaunched in October 2018.


Other courses that Debbie teaches are Mindfulness, Reiki, Crystal Therapy and Guided Meditation. spiritual growth.


PAY Deposit - £50.00 PAY Total - £130.00