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By Nemetona Montrose, Apr 14 2019 02:01PM


My name is Celeste Robinson, and I have been aware of my spiritual path for over four decades. I have been given various unexplained experience in my life and believe I have always been a healer and empath.

My formal educational journey started in 1998 where I achieved my B.Sc. in Psychology and went on to complete my PGDip in Community Education.

My Healing journey began in 2006 where I received Usui Reiki for the first time but it was not until 2014 when I completed Usui Reiki Level 1 course and which was followed by the Level 2. I was hooked. In early 2015 I was introduced to Angelic Reiki. This had an immediate effect on me as a healer, lightworker and later to find out an empath. Working with the angels and all that it encompasses was profound for me and as I started working with them I found new ways of seeing things in my life, work and personal life.

Working with the Angelic Kingdom of Light, I felt at home and loved working with the Angels.

I am now an Angelic Reiki Master and feel so blessed and humbled that I can share Angelic Reiki with others, who have been given the “nudge” to do this for themselves or pass this modality to others.

Learning is part of my life, my DNA and in 2018 I completed Metatronia Therapy Course. This gives me new ways in working with specific angels to offer full body healing in the here and now and past lives depending on what is required at the time for the client.

What happens during an Angelic Reiki Healing Session?

There will be short consultation prior the treatment to assess the person's requirements.

The person receiving the Angelic Reiki healing remains fully clothed and either is seated in a chair or is laid on a couch whilst Celeste places her hands on the recipient’s shoulders or back and solar plexus or to wherever guided.

The Angelic Reiki energy passes into the client and flows to wherever it is needed in the person's body/auric field. Celeste acts as a bridge for the Angelic Reiki energy to flow through to the client to where it needs to go. The session usually takes 60 minutes.

Angelic Reiki healing is suitable for all ages and for pregnant mothers.

Working with Angels and Archangels, Ascended Masters and Galactic healers allow individuals deep seated issues and illnesses to be addressed at the root cause of the problem; direct to core.

Celeste often works with energy tools such as Crystals, Crystal Skulls/Dragon and Essences depending on what the individuals healing requirements are.

What is Metatronia Therapy?

Metatronia Therapy is a high vibrations multi-dimensional healing energy system which enable us to experience healing, awakening and transformation in multi levels, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual, by removing releasing blockages to the root of the causes in the cellular level, DNA, blue print, karma in this life time and or past life times.

As the energy flow it is constantly changing, updating and aligning you to your own unique energy frequency assisting you to achieve higher level of awareness and consciousness, becoming one with the universal light, being true to your true self as the extension of the Divine source.

It is based on energetic frequency coding and sacred geometrical energy channelled through Archangel Metatron. Sacred Geometry is the architecture or basic fundamental building blocks of our universe which based on mathematics and forms. Everything in the universe exists because of sacred geometry.

Metatronia Therapy utilizes these sacred geometry frequencies to heal, restore, rebalance, fix and update not only on the physical level but in every part of our being, mental, emotional, spiritual, and beyond.

Everyone's experience will be unique and you will receive exactly what you need at the time. Treatments are deeply relaxing and calming. Many experience a deep sense of peace and notice afterwards that their worries and anxieties are gone. Some may fall asleep for deeper healing as well. Insights, realizations and greater clarity often follow a session.

As you embark on this journey with Archangel Metatron be prepare, be open to changes in your life in various ways / levels. Things, situations, people, habits, beliefs that no longer serve you will be released but at the same time there is so much to be gained. You are evolving within your consciousness, coming back full circle to the oneness to your full power and potential.

During an in person Metatronia Therapy® session, the client is fully clothed and comfortably lying down on a massage table or sitting on a chair. Everyone’s experience is unique, result varies and most clients feel relax, peaceful, or calmness after the session and some also notice a significant improvement in their energy levels, alertness and well-being in the days after. Celeste often works with energy tools such as Crystals, Crystal Skulls/Dragon and Essences depending on what the individuals healing requirements are.

By Nemetona Montrose, Mar 25 2019 02:00AM

Welcoming Lorna Cameron, of Butterflybees Holistic therapies and organic skincare, to the Nemetona Team.

Appointments with Lorna will be available every Tuesday and also the last Saturday of each month. Lorna will also be bringing some amazing workshops to Nemetona.

Lorna, for as long as she can remember, has always felt inspired and guided to help and support others. Her passion was further ignited by ongoing personal development through reading, ongoing learning and her own personal experience of complex chronic health conditions.

In support of others with chronic conditions, who also felt medication wasn't the only way forward, Lorna was inspired to coordinate many community creative and environment projects going on to gain her qualifications in holistic therapies. In 2018 Lorna went on to be awarded ‘Alliance Self-Management Best Transformational Story of the Year’ which was award at the Scottish Parliament.

Lorna offers a varied selection of therapies and is also an excellent workshop facilitator.

💚 Channelled Oracle card readings (spiritual counselling)

💚 Naturopathy - as a naturopath practitioner I look at your external and internal health.

💚 EFT (emotional freedom technique)

💚 Angelic Reiki

💚 Reflexology

💚 Aromatherapy full body massage using organic oils

💚 Aromatherapy facial using Butterflybees superfoods for the skin, 100% natural organic skincare

💚 Swedish massage

💚 Oncology massage

💚 Well-being and creative workshops coming soon...

TO BOOK - if you would like to book an appointment with Lorna at Nemetona please pop into the shop, or call 01674 424005

If you'd like to find our more then please have a look on Lorna's website at

Check out Lorna's client testimonials

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