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By Nemetona Montrose, Apr 14 2019 11:55AM

Norma and Jill return on Sunday 9th June from 12pm to 4pm with this amazing workshop. This group session will allow you to recognise and develope the skill you have witnessed at one of their Mediumship & Psychic Art Evenings.

About the Event

- This 4-hour event will be delivered on Sunday 9th June from 12pm until 4pm at Nemetona.

- The cost of a ticket is £25.00 payable at the time of booking.

During the afternoon you will:

Start with a light meditation to relax the body and open the mind

Work with colour, using feathers we tap into the very basics of mediumship, interpreting seeing colour and what it might mean.

Embark on encaustic art readings, using wax patterns, we pick up on colour in patterns and use intuition and psychic awareness.

Then work with cards in pairs using what we’ve learned in the first half to deliver a mini reading.

The last hour is devoted to pulling it all together to ‘dip a toe’ into mediumship, raising our awareness to give a brief message to another group participant.


There will be a short break during the afternoon, please feel free to bring a light snack and bottled water.

If anybody has an allergy, i.e. peanuts or an issue with incense etc, then please state this ASAP so we can advise everyone not bring anything that may cause an allergic reaction.

Hot drink facilities will be available and access to a fridge.

To book for this event please contact Nemetona on 01674 424005.

By Nemetona Montrose, Apr 13 2019 10:30AM

Hynd Crafted by Fran Hynd.

A selection of unique handcrafted shamanic healing wands and altar pieces. Fran uses natural materials for her crafts including driftwood, feathers and crystals.

Each wand/altar piece is completely unique and can take several weeks or months to be ‘birthed’ into creation. She works with the natural elements involved and the Spirit of each item to guide her to the finished product that is created. Prices start at £15.

In the near future she is planning to venture into making some shamanic rattles and jingle sticks.

She has made her own Ankh sistrums and jingle stick for personal use. She has also created other craft items such as mermaid crowns and shell mandalas and hopes to sell some of these here too! Please pop in to Nemetona to browse these beautiful items.

Commission pieces can also be created especially for you.

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