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Michelle Allan

Hello my name is Michelle, I have over 10 years’ experience working with tarot cards, angel cards and my guides to help give healing, support and guidance to each client’s individual needs.


I will be offering Readings and Reiki at Nemetona every Thursdays. Appointments are available from 10:00 with my last appointment slot at 16:00. Other days and times are also available by arrangement. Space clearing is available by prior arrangement at a mutually agreeable date/time. An hour appointment of Reiki or Psychic reading costs £35.00.


I am a Reiki practitioner and teacher having studied and worked with Reiki for 13 years. I was initially taught Reiki Ryoho to level 3 (Shihan) by my mother, who studied Reiki with most of the top teachers in the world. I was also taught Reiki (Shihan) level 3 with Frans & Bronwen Stiene at International House of Reiki who teach traditional Japanese Reiki, their teachings originate from the roots of the Japanese system with no western input.


How I deliver Holistic Treatment

I offer treatments at Nemetona which last 1 hour and cost £30.00. Reiki works on an emotional physical and spiritual level and is a Japanese form of relaxation and healing. I have also learned Wiccan and Shamanic teachings and practices which, if needed, I incorporate into some individual's treatments.


How I deliver Space Clearing

I also offer my services in space clearing homes which can be anything from a stagnant feeling or atmosphere in the house from previous owners perhaps, or the moving on of an unwanted entity. I will also teach you how to cleanse your home, so after I leave you will have learned the techniques to maintain the pleasant & light atmosphere.


Love light and laughter Michelle xx

Available: Every Thursday & other days by prior arrangement.